The ARMS++ course  -   Risk assessment with the ARMS methodology

Introduces the ARMS methodology and shows how it can be effectively applied on real-life safety data.

The course has a large scope, looking at things also from the outside of the "ARMS box" and putting the whole risk assessment activity in the context of the SMS and the Modern Approach to Safety.



Modern approach to risk management

Introduces several new and effective ways to do Risk Management in the current world - using the latest approaches. The whole challenge is to be able to transform the nice principles into concrete, effective methods - and this course does just that.



Operational risk management for a transport operator

How to transform the flow of operational safety data into risk information and use it to make practical safety decisions. 



Safety and Risk management for a Safety Authority.

How to build a holistic risk picture with multiple different risk elements and carry out coherent justifiable safety decision making.



Holistic Risk Picture integrating different types of risks

It is very beneficial to see business, safety, etc. risks side by side in the same risk picture and take decisions with this holistic view.